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I’ve been traveling for over 20 years and would call myself something of a globe trotter.


I love diving into new cultures and getting to know the people that make them up.

I’ve been all over the world and of the many countries and people I’ve grown to love, India won my affection above all the rest. India is my home away from home and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of the vast realm of experiences which I’ve acquired over the years with you.


Over time, I realized that every person experiences India in a completely different way, and from my vast knowledge I would love to lead you through an exciting and unique experience that you will never forget and always look back on with joy. A trip to India is a journey of the heart, mind and soul, it is a place where you can dream big and I am here to ensure all your dreams come true :)

Whats Your Favorite India ?

With My India anything you wish, any dream you imagine is possible! Join me, let me tear down all the barriers and introduce you to the other side of India.


Personalized Journey

My goal is to plan the perfect trip for you and you alone. So, most of what I do is listen. One meeting or phone call to understand what you like is all I need to provide you with the personal guidance, advice and preparation for the trip which I will customize to meet your exact wants and needs.


Predetermined Group Tours

Why not share the experience with friends, family and even meet new people along the way? With one of our various group tours of India you can join a group of travelers and enjoy the wide realm of opportunity in an orderly and controlled environment while being cared for and pampered every step of the way.


In either case, you will get an accurate itinerary. I take immense care to make sure and leave you with a taste for more, along with absolute professionalism and availability.


Most importantly, you will receive 24/7 personal support for anything you need. India never ceases to amaze and stir all the senses with a celebration of colors, smells, sounds, flavors and people – let’s find out which India you love…

Lorraine Waldman

I have just returned from a 10 day womens’ only tour of Delhi (briefly) and Kerla, South India.
From the moment I decided to go on this trip I felt I was in good hands. People told me it was too expensive, too short etc. however, I followed my instincts and put my trust in Dafna Hausman Yaron and My India and decided not to shop around.

This is the first organized tour I’ve been on and it surpassed my expectations. I’m pretty sure the others in the group felt the same way. We were fortunately a small group of only 7 women which enabled us to enjoy far more than would be the case in a large group tour.

Not only is Dafna smart, efficient and organized but she is passionate about India and the work she does. She was sensitive to the needs and desires of each of us and tried to accommodate us wherever possible. From numerous visits she has formed intimate friendships with local people, some of whom we met and who certainly upgraded our trip from one of “going through the motions” to getting a more authentic feel of the country and its people. A real bonus!

The days were well planned, usually with a little something extra each day. Her philosophy was not to overload us with facts and figures but rather to let us experience India through our senses.

Oriel was always in the background and his passion and handling of logistics made for a smooth and comfortable trip. Local guides, an experienced driver, Anish, and assistants were hand-picked. Having an assistant like Elango, a caring and kind young man and Hadlee, a charming and knowledgeable guide join us, certainly enhanced the quality of our trip.

If you’re a first timer to India and are looking for a tailor-made trip for a small group I can’t recommend Dafna and My India highly enough.

Our Trips

  • Companies and Organizations

    Taking time off from your work routine and embarking on a team building adventure with both executives and employees is the key to a winning team. Conferencing, Premium Tours, Original Activities, Workshops and Retreats are available and can be customized to suit your team. Whatever you choose, we will provide a high quality, professional, immersive and once-in-a-lifetime experience.Taking time off from your work routine and embarking on a team building adventure with both executives and employees is the key to a winning team. Conferencing, Premium Tours, Original Activities, Workshops and Retreats are available and can be customized to suit your team. Whatever you choose, we will provide a high quality, professional, immersive and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Returning for Another Round ...

    An in-depth trip for someone who has already fallen in love with India and returns for another round. Our in-depth knowledge of the continent can bring you places you won't hear about. Jungle deep ashrams, remote villages, secluded hillside sanctuaries, water canal cruises, ancient cities or a religious ceremony we only know.

  • Trip with a Trek

    A once is a lifetime adventure - but at your own pace! An extraordinary trek that will introduce you to the authentic India and the charming locals. This is an opportunity to be exposed to local customs, colorful and spicy food, the different traditions and the simple and peaceful life that India offers.

  • Woman Trip

    How much fun would it be to travel with friends? Come and experience a journey of friendship, laughter, yoga, wandering the markets, inspiring temples in stunning landscapes and pampering yourself with exotic treatments, - an opportunity for a powerful experience and a unique journey of body, mind and soul.

  • Family Trip

    To India? with the kids...? Absolutely!! :) The family bonding that happens on adventures in spectacular and expansive landscapes offers a fascinating encounter and an exciting experience as a family. Together, you will discover a rich culture where you don't have to search far to provide "entertainment" for children. It just happens to be out on the street where you meet: animals, people, noise, religious ceremonies, and lots of other magical once in a lifetime experiences.

  • Motorcycle Journey

    When you are an avid motorcycle enthusiast, there is no greater dream vacation than a motorcycle trip to the Himalayas. Cluttered roads, breathtaking views, just gearing up, hitting the gas and going on a journey of unimaginable experiences. A motorcycle trip to India, is like no other you’ll ever experience.

  • Buddhism and Mindfulness

    A trip to study and practice Buddhism in breathtaking monasteries and exquisite landscapes, where time stands still. Whether in the mighty Himalayan peaks, or in Southern India this is a journey where we combine our inner and outer journey with daily meditations and outdoor walks as tools for balance and relaxation.

  • North India

    The meeting of a wide-open string of land with blue skies as far as the eye can see and the enchanted peaks of the Himalayas which tower over a fascinating and rich culture, makes Northern India an authentic adventure that brings you closer to peace and harmony. A face-to-face meeting with the unique nature and culture over a glass of chai always leaves a taste for more.

  • South India

    Indulge in India. There is such a thing! Green and tropical Southern India with her breathtaking views, nature reserves, wild white beaches under the shade of coconut trees. Accommodation at the highest end resorts, massages and traditional treatments will spoil you to your hearts content. Food that evokes senses and leaves no room for imagination; authentic India is always an arm’s length away.

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